Your reliable team for assessing, managing and tracking your investments in Spain.


We help potential investors to plan, manage and track their investments
in the Spanish market.


Our main clients are institutions and investment groups, collective and
private investment groups.


In Trusteam Capital we are at your disposal for anything you require.


Trusteam Capital is a firm formed by a group of professionals with experience in locating and advising investments in both the Spanish market, who have worked in financial groups, industrial holding companies and business organizations managing their own businesses, the acquisition of assets, and the sale on behalf of third parties.

As we intend to transmit the name of our firm, we are a group of professionals who form a real team. Most of us have worked together for years and we base our relationship with our clients on the trust that comes from the way we do things.

Our values are integrity and passion

Integrity is for our office a necessary and inescapable quality. We are honest with our clients, we advise them from common sense and as if it were our own money. We do not have funds on behalf of our clients.

Our service is limited to advice without directly managing funds. We are independent of the suppliers we recommend and we do not have access, at any time, to the funds of our clients.

All the partners of the firm have a long professional experience on behalf of third parties in first level entities and we have
references that we provide when our clients need them. Most of our clients are by recommendation of many professionals who know us and trust us giving our reference.

The passion for our work and our trade allows us to be up to date on what we do, we enjoy helping our clients to create value and the fact of working for very different clients allows us to be aware of the different opportunities offered by the markets in the that we move and advise.

We help our clients (investors) to manage their investments when the size of their assets does not require a full-time in-house team or we reinforce the already existing staff of institutions, which prefer to resort to an external variable cost at specific times of the year.

We are also a good support to international investors who want to have a presence in the Spanish market, without contracting a fixed structure. We help the installation of companies in our markets, search for partners and possible business or active participation.

We work with organizations that require our support. Our main clients are investment institutions and groups, collective investment
managers and groups of private investors.

Contact us. We will take care of your needs.