Your reliable team for assessing, managing and tracking your investments in Spain.

Our Services

From Trusteam Capital we help investors in all possible phases of the investment process, from the analysis of the markets, the construction of the investment strategy in these markets, the search for opportunities and dialogue with the different market agents, the acquisition of the defined assets, the monitoring of the assets, the control and evaluation of suppliers, the representation of the property in the management bodies of the investees and the possible final sale in the market of the assets that have fulfilled their objectives.

We work in all markets in which our clients may be interested, such as financial, real estate, business and we act both by taking participation in specific assets and in participation through collective investment instruments, depending on what the company advises. Defined strategy with our clients.

For the management through financial entities and managers we help the client to evaluate the best suppliers and follow up on objectives and results.
We help our clients to define an investment strategy analyzing the different markets from three perspectives:

  • The liquidity and availability of assets.
  • The time horizon of the investment.
  • The real risks of each market and asset.

Based on a good weighting of these components, we propose an expected return on the asset portfolio and proceed to the implementation of asset purchases, monitoring and optimization.

Our job is to help our clients to define the strategy and make available suppliers and acquisition opportunities for the defined assets as objective, as well as to recommend when an asset for their disposal makes sense.

All acquisitions and contracts with intermediaries are made directly by our clients with our advice. We do not intermediate or manage funds on behalf of our clients.