Your reliable team for assessing, managing and tracking your investments in Spain.


We work for all organizations that require external support because they have decided not to have a personnel structure to fulfill all the work derived from their patrimonial management.

Our main clients are investment institutions and groups, collective investment managers and private investment groups.

Types of work performed for our clients

Investor and management groups:

For your own management:

  • Support to the internal investment team in the analysis of opportunities.
  • Participation in internal investment committees.
  • Support to the internal team in processes of purchase of business assets.
  • Support to the management company in support tasks not covered internally (example: selection and development of equipment).
  • Development of the operating partner function of the management company.
  • Acquisition of investors or investment operations.

Audit of management teams:

  • Support for management in functional areas not covered internally.
  • Support to the manager in situations of conflict and replacement of management teams.
  • Search for management teams and functional managers.
  • Realization of the financial control function externally.
  • Preparation of the report to the board of directors.
  • Representation of property in boards of directors.
  • Take the secretary of the board of directors.
  • Representation of the property in commissions of retribution.

Private investment groups (family offices):

For general heritage management:

  • Training to the different members of the investing group in the general concepts that affect the patrimonial management to improve their participation and involvement in decision making.
  • Market analysis, understanding of the different existing risks.
  • Evaluation of the risk profile that the investor group wants to assume.
  • Definition of the investment strategy, markets and types of assets to acquire.
  • Selection of necessary suppliers in each defined action niche.
  • Interlocution with the chosen suppliers.
  • Setting objectives and monitoring the results obtained by each provider
  • Valuation of the different suppliers, substitution in your case.
  • Possible address of the internal team of the family office, if there is one.

For the management of assets to be acquired / disposed of:

  • Search for opportunities in previously defined markets.
  • Acquisition of the chosen assets.
  • Possible partial financing of purchases, leverage, coverage, etc.
  • Monitoring of the evolution and management of assets.
  • Representation of property interests.
  • Possible final sale in the market of assets that have met their objectives.

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